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Unique Access to Exclusive IPOs and Placings

Teathers is leading a shareholder revolution by allowing you to participate on a level playing field with all investors and our services and app are free to use.
The Teathers crowd equity app joins together private investors to buy shares in IPOs and placings at the same price and terms as large institutional investors.
Typically these deals are not offered to private investors, who would have to buy shares in the open market often to see discounted placings happen without the ability to participate.

View Charts and Financial Data

The Teathers app tracks all your investments with live data feeds so that you can make smart informed decisions. Investors can also create a real-time portfolio or a watch list with interactive charts where you can manage investments in your portfolio.

Your portfolio will show your average price and P/L for each share.

60 Second CEO Pitch

Watch videos of CEO’s from some of the top UK listed companies give you a 60 second pitch as to why you should invest in their businesses.

The only Financial App you will ever need

Stay informed and never miss a deal.

Dashboard Overview

We provide you with all the data and information you need to trade. Benefit from the most user friendly financial app on the market by customising the dashboard to your personal preferences.

Charts and Live Prices

Our interactive and live charts provide you with the latest information on UK stocks direct form the exchange. Select from live feed or up to 5 years historic price data.

Placings and IPOs

The app notifies you immediately when placings and new listings become available. You choose the deals and how much to invest, knowing that you will always benefit form the lowest price with ZERO commission. Watch the interactive wheel go round as the placing is completed in real time.

News, RNS and RSS

Swipe left to obtain the exclusive “Teathers” news feed and reader.
You choose which RSS news feeds to follow, and receive our very own deal feed with market commentary from other investors and investment professionals.

60 Second CEO Pitch

Watch videos of CEO’s from some of the top UK listed companies give you a 60 second pitch as to why you should invest in their businesses exclusively on the Teathers app.

Portfolio Management

Our unique visual and dynamic portfolio feature will help you spot trends and keep you on top of your investments. The graphs are interactive and you can add or subtract investments from your personal portfolio and see your average price paid for each share.

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